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Nadiia A. 
Hlídací revír: Praha
Vlastní zvířata: Pomeranian Ginger
Mluvi jazyky: English По-русски
Auto k dispozici: Ne

Hlídá kočky: Ano
Venčí pejsky: Ano
Bere pejsky k sobě: Ne

Něco o mně

Hello, my name is Nadiia and I hope I am going to be a catsiiter for your precious pet. I have always loved animals of every kind. Since I was a liitle girl my family always had cats at home. So I have got lots of experience in taking care of cats. I worked in Korea and after my contract was up I brought one beautiful red cat from Korea back home to Ukraine with me, his name was Sodgik. We had the best 9 years together. Sodgik was like a member of the family and was spoiled by my mother and father every day. 

Now I have beautiful dog named Ginger that I travel with. Ginger is also in love with cats. I think it is because they are about the same size. Ginger even got a friend cat that he is always happy to see. They have a very special bond.

In my free time I like to take care of my plants and study languages. 

You can rest assured that I will treat your pet as if it was my very own. With love, kindness and patience.